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Symposium has been producing HR related conferences for over ten years. Our events generally feature a range of 8-15 expert speakers, with a mix of presentations, workshops and networking guaranteed to get your thoughts racing and to provide you with actionable ideas and strategies.

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  • Health @Work

    Health @ Work Summit 2014


    London, 12 June 2014

    Preventative strategies to ensure your workforce is healthy, productive and engaged. A recent survey by SimplyHealth and the CIPD found that absence rates across the UK are on the rise again and there has been a particular increase in the number of mental health related illness’s. It has also been reported that presenteesim is having an impact on productivity as employees are venturing into work ill.

    This conference will feature insights and case studies from leading employers who will share their learning’s from recent health initiatives. The event will address

    • how to support employees suffering from mental ill health
    • how to build resilience amongst employees
    • how to build an evidence based business case to implement preventative wellbeing strategies.

  • Expatriate Management and Global Mobility

    Expatriate Management and Global Mobility Forum 2014


    London, 8 July 2014

    Unravel some of the most demanding challenges you face when managing a global workforce. At this conference you will hear a wealth of best practice case studies on international assignment management from a range of multinational organisations. This event has been specially designed to assist in-house HR professionals responsible for the management and administration of expatriate’s and international employees.

    This conference will provide you with the necessary tools to refine your mobility process to match changing business needs and objectives. It will give you the tools to ensure the success of every assignment through compliance, managing costs and developing flexible, competitive policies.

  • Innovation in Recruitment

    Innovation in Recruitment Summit 2014


    London, 18 September 2014

    This conference will take an in-depth look the latest innovations in recruitment, with a focus on RPO, digital & social media strategies and the latest technologies.

    • The event will give you the tools to develop cost-effective solutions that support your business agenda.
    • This conference will help you streamline recruitment strategies and improve your candidate experience.

    Full details for this event will be published shortly.

  • Talent Management and Leadership

    Talent Management and Leadership Summit 2014


    London, 23 October 2014

    Practical, cost effective solutions to attract, retain and develop talent.

    The full programme and speaker panel for this conference will be available in July

  • Partnership-Illustration_600x600px

    Successful HR Business Partnering Conference 2014


    London, 6 November 2014

    Business partnering is one of the most difficult aspects of HR transformation to implement, however a successful partnership between HR and the business will drive organisational success. This conference will fully examine the role and purpose of HR business partnering and will share strategic insights and best practice guides to transform HR generalists into successful business partners

    The full programme and speaker panel for this conference will be available in August.